LOW Carb Food
and HIGH in Protein
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A new lifestyle.

Why consume KETO PROTEIN?

  • Healthy lifestyle


  • Diet or maintenance


  • Incredible taste


  • Sport / Muscle gain


Benefits of KETO PROTEIN products

A LOW CARB diet is used to LOSE WEIGHT. It reduces caloric intake and increases fat burning.

Protein foods have a satiating power and play an important role in muscle recovery, maintenance and growth. They also help regulate sugar levels and promote fat burning. They facilitate recovery from wear and tear of the body and reduce fluid retention due to their diuretic capacity.

Decreasing sugar intake promotes the production of collagen fibers. The synthesis and maintenance of collagen in sufficient quantities prevents premature aging. The reduced levels of sugars contribute to the digestive process and the absorption of nutrients.

The consumption of fiber helps us maintain intestinal health, and regulate cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Fiber exerts a satiating effect that inhibits appetite, reducing caloric intake and glucose absorption and, as a consequence, helps us to lose weight.



Enjoy the sweet moments



The healthiest snack


Rich in protein. No added sugars


Rich in protein. No added sugars

Bestdiet, belonging to the Laboratorios Best Medical, is the leading brand of special dietary products and food supplements intended for mass consumption and within everyone’s reach. True to its commitment to the health and well-being of people, it has a long and intense career researching and developing innovative products for the good of our customers.


Behind BestDiet is the Best Medical Diet factory and laboratory, a benchmark in the dietary and functional food sector, with a team of more than 100 professionals and facilities equipped with the latest technological developments to meet the high standards of quality and self-demands established.


Innovation is and always has been the cornerstone of our laboratory. The R&D team has extensive and proven experience in the research and development of cutting-edge formulas. This, added to the use of state-of-the-art technology, allows us to meet our customers’ expectations, achieving their total satisfaction.


The versatility of our facilities and the existence of different production lines give Laboratorios Best Medical the ability to adjust to our specific requirements according to their demand in each situation.



Losing weight, feeling good about yourself, improving your diet and leading a healthy lifestyle are some of the goals that people set themselves every day.

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